External Rendering - How It Works:

Our one coat rendering is both a decorative and architectural finish, applied to the exterior or interior of building façade structures, to provide both decoration and weather protection.

The term ‘Monocouche’ literally translates as ‘one-coat’ and has been adopted by the European cement render industry as an attempt to distinguish modern renders and their application methods from those of traditional renders. It refers to the development of more advanced render formulations that can be applied in one coat to form and cure as one monolithic layer on the elevation of a building.

The Parex Rendering System is designed principally for weather proofing external vertical concrete block or brick masonry walls, but can be also used for external or internal decorative renders. We have an extensive knowledge of all specialist render products and can both hand and machine apply as recommended.

Coloured render is also available as a ‘low maintenance’ external render solution which doesn’t require painting. It has been designed for spray application and can be applied up to 28mm thick in two passes. Manual application is also possible. Excellent weather resistance and durability, whilst allowing the structure to breathe. It is available in 101 Standard Colours and 24 Special Colours.

Key Benefits:

  • Water resistant whilst still allowing structure to breathe
  • Can be used in conjunction with external wall insulation solutions
  • Range of attractive finishes and colours available
  • 10 year guarantee on Weber products
  • Quick application and dry time
  • Helps improve a visual appeal of a property
  • Can be hand or machine applied as appropriate